I'm Amy Seaman, and I'm a Writer and Translator

I love the challenge of taking a block of text and making it into something pretty, and the feeling I get when I've managed to textually pin down an emotion just right. Recently I've been focusing more on the experiential side of things, writing reviews and interview-based articles for a variety of publications. I'm able to adapt my writing style to pretty much any subject, but I prefer writing about the things I'm passionate about, either as an individual freelancer or in an office environment. As an occasional editor, I live for late nights and naturally work well under pressure and with deadlines. I'm also a somewhat accomplished Japanese to English translator, and I'm actively looking for work in this area.

I'm always interested in new gigs and chances to flex my writing muscles. Feel free to get in touch with me using the form below! You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.

In My Spare Time...

I like to eat obnoxious amounts of food and ogle at pretty bikes, which I'll then proceed to describe in lengthy, apposition-heavy sentences that are somehow always grammatically correct. I also enjoy sitting for hours in cafes and trying to guess the life stories of random passerby, bonus points if I'm in another country. On a sunny day, spot me by my brightly colored hair in the nearest park, working in the sunshine or lost in thought.

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