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A somewhat casual gamer, I've always been intrigued by what makes a good game tick. Strong characters and fluid gameplay are key, but what makes these things work the way they do? I'd known for a long time that video games are essentially massive blocks of code, but how exactly does each part contribute to the whole? Seeking answers to these questions, I started searching for a simple game development library that I could use to learn what goes on behind the scenes.

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As a writer who sometimes dabbles in the creative side of things, I occasionally find myself at a loss for ideas, blindly grasping for the next turning point in a story, a plot twist or even just for how everything begins. I once made the mistake of mentioning this problem to a non-writer: Their response was to buy me an annoyingly heavy box of cards that I was meant to pick from when in need of inspiration — a nice gesture, but who wants to lug around a giant box of cards to a café? Not me. Read More →