The Fourth Dimension: Omnibus

Extra Notes
I translated a series of film summaries for the 2013 Yebisu Festival for Art and Alternative Visions official catalog, which was sold onsite at the festival. This is my translation of a film summary for The Fourth Dimension: Omnibus (ハーモニー・コリン参加オムニバス《フォース・ディメンション》)


Works from three energetic filmmakers out of America, Russia and Poland come together to form an omnibus trilogy, each with a theme of the “fourth dimension” that portray a reality of only being able to exist in the “here and now” and depict individuals’ aspirations that develop in parallel.


In these films, the “fourth dimension” is represented as a figurative reality that exists above our own, and a humble, unique story that is linked to peoples’ everyday lives is revealed. Though from different countries, each director focuses on how his characters gain an enlightened understanding of themselves and the world through their personal experiences, exploring the concept of the “fourth dimension” in his own way.

冒頭のハーモニー・コリン作品では、郊外の小さな町での型破りな自己啓発講師を主人公に、日常において何が我々を抑圧しているのだろうかという問いを投げかける。 二編目のアレクセイ・フェドロチェンコ作品は、タイム・マシーンを開発して四次元を見つけたと信じる男が、見過ごしていた身近な幸福に気づく契機を描く。最終章のヤン・キヴェチンスキは、洪水に備えて住民が退避した村を舞台に、若者たちの世界観が変わる瞬間を描いている。

At the beginning, in Harmony Korine’s work, the protagonist, an unconventional self-help guru in a small suburban town, raises the question of what we are missing in our daily lives. The second segment, by Alexey Fedorchenko, describes a man who believes he has discovered the fourth dimension after developing a time machine, and who recognizes that he has previously overlooked chances to be happy. Jan Kwiecinski’s closing piece is set in a village where people have taken refuge from a flood, and shows the moment when their worldview changes.


“四次元”をテーマにしたオムニバス短編。それぞれ独自のストーリーを物語り、“今/ここ”にしか生きられない現実の中での、新たな世界観への目覚めを描く。一編目、ハーモニー・コリン《The Lotus Community Workshop》はヴァル・キルマー主演。二編目《Chronoeye》はロシアのアレクセイ・フェドロチェンコによるタイム・マシーンをモチーフにしたドラマ。三編目のポーランドのヤン・キヴェチンスキによる《Fawns》は黙示録的な設定で若者たちを描く。

This is an omnibus that focuses on the “Fourth Dimension”. Each segment portrays a peculiar story in which new worldviews are formed while living in the “here and now”. In the first part, Harmony Korine’s The Lotus Community Workshop”, Val Kilmer is the protagonist. The second section, titled Chronoeye is a drama directed by the Russian Alexey Fedorchenko that uses the motif of a time machine. The third chapter, Fawns directed by Jan Kwiescinki, depicts young people at an apocalyptic settlement.

    2013 Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions